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Have lat,lng but need lng,lat? Or vice versa?
in either latitude, longitude or longitude, latitude format
either decimal (1.23456) or degrees (1° 2" 3.4' N)
input format
latitude, longitude longitude, latitude
valid coordinates?
A, B
[A, B]
URI encoding
lat=A lng=B
lat=A lon=B
latitude: A, longitude: B
{ lat: A, lng: B }
{ "lat": A, "lng": B }
{ lat: A, lon: B }
{ "lat": A, "lon": B }


What's the difference between longitude and latitude?
See Wikipedia: Latitude, Longitude
Which format is correct?
It depends. See Tom MacWright's excellent lon lat lat lon overview, in which he writes:
"It's up to the developer to be aware of this issue and read the requisite documentation, and flip coordinates if necessary..."
Which abbreviation is correct "lng", "lon"?

Excellent. You are no longer troubling yourself with the superficial "latitude, longitude" vs "longitude, latitude" debate, and have instead ascended to a more meaningful discussion.

Sadly though, here too the only real answer is ... it depends. Different tools expect different things.

Who built this?
The team at OpenCage. We also run a geocoding API if you want to turn coordinates into useful location information, a process known as reverse geocoding. Try it out.
How can I find the distance between two coordinate points?
It would be great if this tool could ...
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